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Traditional Upholstery & Antique
Restoration Specialist

“Quality is never an accident.”

Trained under master upholsterers, I have over 40 years experience working in a number of workshops, upholstering everything from modern lounge suites to custom-made suites to antiques.

During this time, my passion intensified for traditional upholstery. The methods and materials that past masters utilised have a life expectancy in excess of 100 years, which is why traditional upholstery is so valued. Disappointingly, these techniques are not being passed on, and as a consequence, many beautiful pieces are being bastardised. Original coil springs, horsehair, and coconut fibre is being replaced with foam, elastic webbing and staples.

My specialty is restoring pieces to original condition with an emphasis on detail and authenticity. The pool of traditionally restored antiques is getting smaller, therefore making the pieces that are restored with integrity and originality more valuable as time goes on.

I also make new custom-made lounges utilising the same traditional materials and methods – hand-tied coil-sprung seats, hand-stitched coconut fibre padding with wadding overlay – that I can only assume will be antiques of the future.

During the restoration process, I take digital photos as proof that the work I do is authentic to the period the furniture was originally crafted. Copies of the photos are also provided to the client for provenance of the piece.

All workmanship is guaranteed. Quality is never an accident.

Ian McCormick

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It is so magnificent that I find myself staring at it all the time, as you’d do when viewing artwork.

Sue Brayley